I am tired. Exhausted. Sleep needed like a skiddish kitten, taunts me with its sweetness then claws me in the face. Coughing fits to tire my body. Wish they would purge my soul. My heart is weak and strengthened. It hurts and feels lifted. The roller coaster of my life is causing the bends. I can’t seem to find a stable foot to stand on. A place to ground me. A place to hold me. I long to be seen and cherished in the view uncovered. I want to be hidden, mysterious. Hide my need, deny them until their existence disappears. Need just leads to disappointment. What do I need? A safe place. A safe person. A place of beauty and light. A face to place against mine. A body to wrap around me, protect me, and to wake up the skin with delight. To sparkle ecstasy in eyes of acceptance and peace.

To feel, unbidden, unbridled, uncontained. To burst with happiness, excitement and love…

and so shall be…mine.


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