Thank you

Picture courtesy of LilyandVal

This month I practiced:

Marching Into Gratitude

A letter each day of thanks with a pic. Here is the list:

(Pics on Instagram)

A is for….All the Amazing snow

B is for boys, belly buttons & blue, I am so thankful for all of you!

C is for Culture. Phantom of the Opera on Netflix. Yes!!

D is for dog doctors. Poor Jack and his ouch ear…

E is for the extraordinary ordinary everyday. Each exhale a gift.

F is for Fingers found and the flush of love they create & hold

G is for Glimpses of glowing grace. Glitter. And now I want a prairie dog name Gaga Giblet…

I am thankful for, starting with H:  House of bricks & wood Home of flesh & bone

I am incredibly thankful for Innovation & Iteration. The constant change that is life. Mostly. And Imagination. The best dreams didn’t even come close to the heart filling wonder of his smile

Shout it out! We are so thankful for our amazing Uncle J!!! The best. My only. Brother J.

Thankful for the L words: life, laughter & love.  Perhaps those are all one truly needs…

M is for music. The soundtracks of our lives.

N is for night and nature, the places where dreams & birds fly

Ode to O! Oodles of bubbles and Open hands

P is for…the pull & pursuit of pulchritude (beauty) in this place. The present. And poets…

Q is for…questions. Living with them with open hand.

R today, almost forgotten! R is for radiant rays of sunshine on shoulders. The rising revolution of my soul.

S…The safety & sensuality of being seen

T is for tickles & tapping hearts!

It might be upside down but this is U. Utterly un-matched. The Arch.

V is for vegetables & vitamins. And sliVers of moon

W is for…wonderful water to wash wounds and whisper wild dreams…

X is for xylophone. Of course…

Y is for yoga and the yes found there. A way to come home to myself…

Z is for zooming-Embracing change without pain. @Seth Godin
And cameras that zoom in…

A alphabet of thanks completed.

What’s next?!



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