Sweet Beast Turned 2!


This post inspired by KelleHampton

She was looking for a great adventure. A way to view life differently.

She met him. Their story begins.

They were looking for something fun to create together. Memories to be made. Experiences to be enjoyed. She and he married with this shared dream. The ‘how’ would appear later…

They worked. They played. They got to know each other. Then a diagnosis. A game changer. A perspective shifter. A dream crusher.

The decision and dream to have a child was born. A fun trip was taken, wine drank and the stick turned positive.

Mighty Mite was born in May of 2009. Our world turned upside down and filled. With laundry, love, chaos & peace.

A first birthday was celebrated-overwhelming and lovely.

Happy Surprise!

She was pregnant. Super Sprout was unexpected and perfectly timed.

Bending to love on and pick up a toddler while her belly grew was a challenge.

He was born in the water and flew into the world like Superman. One arm above his head and ready to go. He floated in the water, gazing up at the world above him. Peaceful.

Dad worried about his heart being big enough for another. The worry stayed, the heart expanded.

Her heart ripped apart with his cries. She worried. She cared.

He screamed a lot. He was not calmed quickly. He was squishy and stinky and charming and chubby. He had the most facial expressions any had seen.

He has grown, changed, strengthened and let go.

He has climbed, higher and higher. Has decimated boundaries, thrown epic fits, laughed deeply and kissed with noise.

We love you, young one just turning of two.


You gentlemen are our greatest adventure. Thank you.IMG_20140821_092527


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