I heart books. The real, in your hands, smell the spine feel of books.  Each book holds millions of secrets and ideas that I just can’t wait to consume.

That was then.

This past year I have fallen out of infatuation with books. I am not as excited to read them, their treasures are not opened by me. I start to read and loose the topic quickly. My life is not one for sitting around and diving into a great book for any length of time. It’s more a read a bit and go kind of life. Two Littles, both so young and energetic, to run after, corral and keep from jumping off something high. Tis the season…

Plus, I am realizing not only in my head, but deep in my whole-heart and gut:

Only I have the answers I seek. All I need, I already have inside of me.

I used to read books to fix me, to make my life better, to urge me to greatness. I did the things they spoke of, I followed the path others took, I tried this, I did that. I stumbled. I read some more. I then started to notice contradictory ideas. Some things I read just didn’t seem true to me, for me.

Wait a tick.

If it’s in black and white it is NOT automatically 100% true for 100% everyone. What a shock for me to understand. Still recovering from the heartbreak…

This past year I requested A LOT of books from our local library. I am so thankful we have an awesome library system. Didn’t read most of them. Sigh. The titles alone are inspiring!

Then there is this idea from Leonie Dawson which almost makes me want to buy my own books and doodles and highlight in their pages. Hmmm…

Back and forth. This and that. What to do…

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