single flower strength

What do you do when nothing in your life seems to be ok?
What do you do when everything you ever wanted, isn’t yours?
What do you say to yourself to ease the pain and disappointment?
Where do you go to help ease the ache?
What do YOU do?

The tools I used to use no longer work. The things I would do to soothe myself don’t help anymore.

Please give me something new to say to myself. I am so tired of the voice in my head and those around me.


An honest question.  I want a unique and helpful perspective.

I never feel like I am enough. I long to believe the Universe is for me. I feel heavy.

I feel…

Happy. Light. Sometimes.

I think I balance near the edges of depression, but I
notice when I am
nearing the abyss and can step back. I think most of my
sadness stems from not
liking myself very much and feeling let down, by myself and
life in general. In
the past my coping mechanisms centered around denial,
running away and ignoring.
I worked a lot, exercised a lot and stayed busy. Being at
home with The
Gentlemen keeps me busy in some ways but not enough to drown
out the negative
voice in my head. Mothering has forced me to look at my
dirt, and it’s necessary
& it sucks. I used to place my value in my
accomplishments.  Now I dont know
where it comes from. I want to be an awesome example for my
Littles (and the
best me I can be) but I want it NOW!! 😉
Thank you
so much for writing back, and for being concerned. I very
deeply appreciate it. I will be sure to keep a close eye on
where I am at with my emotions.

I want to hear…

you are ok

you are enough

you hurt. I know. life hurts. the challenges are painful and there is struggle.

you strive and reach and try and trip. all will be well

you are a blessing. you have worth, even when you fail.

your eyes are filled with tears. mascara all around. you are still beautiful.

always beautiful

people hurt you, so deeply. it’s because you care and because your heart is big and pure and true. you open it up and hope a select few will see the gem inside. sometimes they miss it. that’s on them, not you. keep being open. keep pursuing them. they will come around. hopefully. if not, you are amazing for trying.

maybe. just a thought. you need to focus on you. the love for you is the most important thing you can nurture. don’t worry. it will overflow into others. they get the overflow. a dry well quenches no one.

you matter Charity. I am so proud of you. you make me smile.

please keep up the hope. and the love.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Dear One, Don’t Give Up Now: A Poem for Self Love

You are

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