melted crayon heart

Melted Crayons

Color has power.

It can change a mood. Lift a spirit. Shine your soul through.

What colors do you love?!

Colors and their meanings for some:

Red-vitality, courage, willpower, security

Orange-joy, freedom resourcefulness

Yellow-wisdom, self-esteem, curiosity, awareness

Green-balance, love, self-control, understanding

Blue-knowledge, health, loyalty, inspiration

Purple-beauty, creativity, mental strength

How to Find your Soul Color from Ms. Leonie Dawson

What color do you feel most radiant in? The one in which your soul shines through?

If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

How can you include this color in your life? Paint the walls, your fingernails. Wear it.

What color tells you the story you want to hear? The story you want to be? The story you want?

Do you have a closet story? A story you wear everyday?

What are the colors surrounding you saying?

I love deep blues and greens, black and slate grey.

The color of who I want to be desires whites and pale dove grey and aquamarine. Pops of shocking pink and deep, rich reds.

What colors feel most like you? The colors that cause a pause when viewing you reflection. A profound knowing of yourself. Feels like you.

Color can show us a new way. It can help us find our deep truth and our deepest self. Be open to the whispers. Listen.

Notice. Be aware. Are you wearing the colors which truly represent who you are and/or who you want to be?

Play with color this week. Notice how it makes you feel. Color surrounding you!


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