Positive Body Image Inspiration

Drawing from Positive Body Inspiration

I give myself permission to…

Lovingly accept myself as I am, right now

Appreciate the beauty that makes me who I am

Regularly give thanks for all the blessings I have

Trust in my ability to take care of myself

Forgive myself

Cry when I need to

Keep a list, adding to and reading of, all the things I do well

Be kind to others without sacrificing my own needs

Take responsibility for my own actions & life

Love myself as best I can

Replace the feeling of not being good enough with a sense of wonder and ease

Carry myself proudly-head high, stand tall

Write myself a love letter

Say no to things that make me unhappy and yes to things that do

Listen and trust my intuition

Think kind thoughts about myself

Love what I love-out loud and proud!

Radically accept myself for who I am

Write down 5 ways to love myself each morning

Speak words of kindness

Be in a relationship with my life and experiences

Mission: Build your own unique self-care routine

We have a responsibility to treat ourselves kindly; then we’ll treat the world the same way -Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones)





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