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Let this time be a sacred play space to vision quest. Discover your values. Let them lead you.

Take a deeper look at your life and career and get honest and clear. Fine-tune your vision. You need a strong vision for your future. Dump your ego and listen to your soul

What do you really want? (not what others want for you, or what you think you should want). What are the authentic desires? Write them down and take a vow to pursue them.

Step One-Brainstorm

1. How do you define success? What would you life look like with no regrets? How would you spend your time?

2. What is your purpose on this planet? Why are you here?

3. What matters most? What is held sacred by you? When do you feel at peace? What brings you the most fulfillment?

4. What makes you happy? What activities give you the greatest joy?

Go over the answers and find those values that keep popping up.


How can I best support my values?

In what ways will I practice my values?

 Some values and how to implement them:

Caring/Compassion:  Love, caring & kindness. cooperating, helping, being supportive, listening respectfully, and having good manners are all ways that we show that we care

Social Justice/Fairness: volunteer

Caring for the Earth: small efforts add up when caring for our planet, things like buying and driving less, turning off lights and recycling

Having fun (including music, art, self-expression) laughter and smiling, sharing good times

Learning: value learning in all its forms-school, reading, research, problem solving, experimenting & discussion. Making mistakes too!

Healthy living: taking care of our bodies brings well-being, energy and vitality, all crucial to a good life. Eating nutritious food, exercising, getting enough sleep, and relaxing all promote good health


Values of Simple Living:


Love                           Generosity

Charity                      Understanding

Family                       Cooperation

Community              Peace

Respect for people and the earth

Nonmaterialism     Diversity

Social justice            Kindness

Harmony                  Tolerance

Are you communicating and honoring your values?!



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