Five Minute Friday yet again-Release!

Open hands holding color dust


What happens when I let go?

Open my hands to receiving rather than grasping for something else.

Open to help, community and friendship. Release the tight grip I hold on the beliefs which are no longer serving me. Release the need for perfection, quantity and doing more. Let go. Travel light. Let the heavy down.

What if?!

Would I feel empty, lost and forgotten? Will I miss something important? Will I be forced to be with myself? What will happen to me?!

I fear release. I fear the letting go. Such a great idea, in theory, but oh the practice is frightening.

And yet. My still small voice is whispering to try it. Do it. See what happens. Clearly, holding tightly doesn’t keep life from sifting through my clenched fingers. Uncurl them from my palm. Open my hands, heart and mind to wonder, possibility, and awe. It’s all waiting for me. Always there if I just open to receive. Release my fear, anxiety and disbelief. Try a new idea. Play a new tape. Let it all go. Typing those words I feel an unclenching. A release of a deeply held breath. A knot in my neck slowly unfurling. A flower bud opening.

For today, I will practice courage. I will let go of one thing that is holding me back. Today it will be letting go of my need for doing. Instead I will BE. BreathE. Inhale deeply and let go.

All will be well in this release. And so it is.




Release into my radiance!


4 thoughts on “Release

  1. Releasing fears and letting go is so hard. Great reminders in your post! I have to believe it is a daily practice at times and one that grows. Maybe by releasing these words it is a little bit easier to release a fear. Keep going! (P.S. We’re FMF neighbors. 🙂 )

  2. Love this! Open my hands to receiving rather than grasping for something else. I have been working on this myself, and it is so freeing to just let some things go, leave them in the hands of God, and allow him to work all things out. My life seems to flow more smoothly this way.
    Blessing on you as you continue to work on this letting go.
    *a neighbor stopping by from FMF (

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