What are my deep dreams?

My deep dreams are peace and stillness. Calm amongst the chaos. Deep breathes taken frequently and stretches with my body. Play. Laughter. Tickles with Littles. Feeling my body in the here and now. Grounded. Whole Complete. Move. I want to have my own chickens and bees. My own fabulous vegetable garden full of yummy things to eat. A flower patch for sitting near to dream and gaze into. A moon garden for sleeping under. A fort for the children to conquer and protect. Smiles and Earth. Outside and open. Surrounded by wonderful smells of vanilla and honey. Beeswax and lilac. Blueberry and strawberry. Heaven scent. Teas for sipping. Wine in a tall glass. Delicate. Sucking the richness of life. Leaving this Earthly body empty. Used up. Emptied out. All dreams exhausted and spent. Fulfilled in their own way. Listening to the thoughts of others. Helping them on their path. Seeing the God in each of them. Holding the hands of my boys and husband and walking together. Running. Filling our hands with dirt and mud. Learning in the world. Leaning into life full tilt. Exploring.To give the messenger an ear-full to send to the Creator.

Yup. I got a lot to do. Off I go to see and make my dreams come true!

How about YOU?!

What are your deep dreams?



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