To make a wish come true, whisper it to a butterfly. Upon these wings it will be taken to heaven and granted, for they are the messengers of the Great Spirit 

Time to play with Five-Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends!

What if?!
What if animals and all the animal beings surrounding us were delivering messages to our Creator?

Spreading our secrets, telling our stories of what we are doing and being here on Earth.
What would they be saying?!
Would the message of our lives be a great epic battle, a hard uphill journey, a given up sigh, a joyful dance of jubilee?
Would we want to know the stories they delivered? Would we want to hear them retell it to us?
Maybe not
Maybe so
Sometimes yes
Sometimes no
Messengers deliver our truth. Whispering in the darkness into the Spirit’s listening ear. Every word telling our story.
What will yours be?
I wish for mine to be a love story. A multi-volume, constantly continuing romance between this thing called life and me. A story full of glitter and laughter. Tears of joy and happiness. Hugs and tender touches. Tickles and soothing strokes. An account of the richness of my life. Full color. No longer in gray OZ. Bursting with mayhem and chaos. Courage and bravery. Faith, hope and Charity.
Will the messenger be killed for the report they deliver?


3 thoughts on “Messenger

  1. Dropping in from 5 Min. Friday and WordPress. What a clever way think of messengers. I confess It took me awhile to figure out how to approach this topic. Don’t you love this challenge? Wish I had used it when teaching my 8th graders in writing classes.

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