Nothing can make me forget you. Your face. Your smile. Your smell. You kiss lingers on my lips. Humming in my body. Warmth in my heart. Nothing could make me forgive myself for hurting you. For the pain I made form in your eyes. The hurt. The heart of yours I held and crushed. I didn’t know. I am sorry. I didn’t know what I had. I do now, looking back. Isn’t that how it goes sometimes?

Nothing can stop me from loving you, forever. Holding on to you in my heart. A place you will always hold. You can’t imagine that number of times I have apologized to you. Words whispered in the night. Looking up at the moon-the same one you see. I wonder where you are. Who you are. Nothing could make me forget the way you smelled when you were hungry. The way your drove your car, taught me to drive and how you said no to me. The way you called me ’woman’ and the ring you gave me. Nothing could make me understand you. The sadness, the ease and the seeming laziness you had about you. I thought I lazy, now I think it was peace. Ease. Understanding of what truly matters. Me.

I send you nothing but loads of happiness and love. Peace and forgiveness. I wonder if you ever think of me. I hope you remember me better than I was. I hope a smile is still brought to your handsome face for me. Please.



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