Waiting for…

a diagnosis, a test result, a doctor’s call.

an interview, a call back, a new job.

a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound result, a baby.

Waiting to see what will happen to your life, your plans, your dreams.

Asking yourself:

How much will things change?                                   Will I be able to cope?

WTF?!                                                                                   WHAT IF?!

Please breathe

This waiting place is often the worst and most fearful place to be.

The unknown. The possibilities. The unanswered questions.

For now, in this waiting place, its probably best to get out!

(of your head that is)

Away from your churning thoughts, worried, mind, anxious heart, sick to your stomach feeling.

Go to the library or a bookstore

Cruise to a section you never visit

Explore                Discover               Expand                 Wonder               Wander

Some suggestions: Dancers among us : a celebration of joy in the everyday 

                                 Global Model Village (check out the site too!)

Look all around you

Eye candy abounds. Ideas float all around. Thoughts flutter by every moment.

If you can’t leave your home-go online exploring

Not to the medical sites, not to the pages and profiles of others.

Open your favorite search engine, pick a fun word and go!


Sprinkbok Pronking

Eye of the Tiger in bells


Right now is NOT the time to research.

It’s a time to escape into pictures, sounds and words of lightness and fun.

You have permission to take this time to let the wonders of this world wash over you.

Clean & calm the soul

Uplift & enliven your spirit (meditation for raising your spirit)

Lighten & open your heart (heart-opening yoga sequence)

Whatever Will be, Will Be Happy Doris Day!)

Some other ideas:

FlyLady can help you declutter

Create a new routine, rally cry, book list.





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