Perfect Parasites

These are the two perfect parasites I created:


Listen to this first: podcast on Parasites

They are perfect.

They are parasites.

The story of me and my two boys have all the great and gross components for a parasitic and host relationship with plenty of perfect.

For instance there has been…

Everlasting Love-so much love. I will love them, and they me, for the duration of this lifetime, the ones before, and all the ones after. Forever and always.

A Symbiotic Relationship-we bring out the best and worst of one another. Each of us need and want the other ones to live, for our best existence depends on it.

Peaceful Takeover-it has only been peaceful when I have let go. The invasion is complete. Body, mind and soul. No antenna tickling my brain happening here, but the result is similar. And just like the cockroach, I am ok with it!

Understand more of what I mean by listening to this podcast from

My husband could be considered in this as well.

Perfect Parasites surround me!!

Seriously, did you listen to the Parasite podcast? You must. Listen to many. Donate. Spread the love. They are amazing, funny and so much incredible information.

You will never hurt for interesting dinner conversation now, or things to make one puke.

You’re welcome.




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