While my Grounding Islands, Gratitude Mountains & Morning Lighthouses

help my mindset throughout the morning, my lists help me get things done!

This is my checklist:

Morning Missions

Take Pictures! Lots of pictures. View the world differently.

What are my three Most Important Tasks? (Thanks Mr. Leo Babuta!)

Floss the tiger’s teeth. Do the thing I don’t want to do first. Get them done and out of the way of my day and mind. ROAR!

Review’s day’s appointments. Need to know what commitments I have.

Check in with goals/intention. I gaze at my Vision Board and glance at my goals.

Then the home things on my Task List

Another way to start a day: by asking questions and feeling your way. Listening to your heart. Yum. Read the Life Organizer by Jen Louden

A bit of this, some of that. Some days I do a lot, some days I don’t.

All is well!!


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