July 17-23
Jul 17-I have a baby!
Leaders are vision casters

Ruin is the road to transformation-Eat Pray Love

If you want to get to the castle, you gotta swim the moat -Eat Pray Love

July 18
To Little E:
I want to remember you always
As you are now
Wide blue (ish) eyes
Pink tongue poking through your lips
Toothless grin
Tiny heels
Chubby legs
Elbows surrounded with padding
Your fitting perfectly in the crook of my arm
Tiny moist hands
Balled into fists, in your mouth
Clasping my finger
Your eyes searching for my voice
Smile when you see me
My arms feel empty when you aren’t in them
On our sides
Belly to belly
Your hand opening & closing in my armpit
Or patting me on my back when I pat you
I love your little sounds
We must put a period on the past

Why blame the dark for being dark?

It is far more helpful to ask why the light isn’t as bring as it could be-Warrior Chicks
Beautiful warrior

Aspire to inspire before you expire!
Jul 23
E-you slept through most of the night!
I missed you
I love when you smile
When you cry
When you are being easy
When you are being difficult
I love you regardless, because of, in spite of

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