Week 9 Mighty Mite

Happy July 4 weighing in at 12.4 lbs 8 weeks
You are pulling your knees towards your body, individual fingers are moving, stubby fuzzy head, smiling, recognize daddy.
I left for a quick errand and while I was gone you had my pillow under your head and you rolled your head back and forth on it like it had catnip for you in it. The smell of me. Your eyes are growing bigger and you are a ravenous hot mess

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe & enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass -Mary Kay Ash

Jul 8
You sleep peacefully next to a rippling lake

Alex panting

Cars passing

Birds singing

Lullabies all around

How do I feel about you?

I take care of you-diapers, feed, etc.

I will protect you-safety

I adore your smile

I haven’t let you completely in

Holding you at arm’s length

To keep a part of myself still

Afraid if I love you too much

I will forget all else



You are awake now

Eyes wide behind sunglasses

Toes curling and uncurling

Tongue tasting the air

A cooling breeze blows

What a wonderful way to begin a day!


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