Weeks 2 and 3 for Mighty Mite May 2011

2 weeks fresh today!

We survived! Lots of visitors, feedings, diapers, & wipes. Had your first hard-core meltdown today-screaming & sweating. Poor (hungry) babe. You also had your first official bath.
You turn so red if you are upset. Your face when you have had enough to eat is classic! An upturned nose & a winkled forehead. Meal complete!
May 22-28
You will be 3 weeks young tomorrow. We can count on one hand the # of precious evenings alone with you. I miss you in my arms @ night. I wake up & search for you. Your thighs are getting thicker. Too cute. Your little chubby cheeks. I love when your head is on my shoulder. Your warm little body and your hand in my neck. So kissable. Your hair is growing so soft & fine. You make noises that are too cute. I can’t imagine leaving you. I thoroughly enjoy and am so thankful for our time together. Precious Moments. I hurt for your dad- he misses so much

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