December 2010

Mr. B,me and you in St. Charles

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else -Judy Garland

Alone & the soul emerges -Walt Whitman
Discover who you really are
Get excited & change things!
Exude all over the place!
Dec 8
Having a harder time feeling comfortable bending over. Ugh.
The scent of starlight on sand
Dec 17
B thinks I am doing everything I can to ruin this baby. I think I am trying to raise it differently. That doesn’t mean ruining. I want to find a balance between tradition (the way we were raise, how everyone else is doing it) and the complete opposite.
Each experience serves as the foundation for the next experience.
Find balance between sthire (steadiness) and sukha (ease)
Dec 20
I realized I am excited about our baby. The pregnancy is a necessary journey. It’s other people  I cannot stand.
Let go
Enjoyed a Jimmy John sub today-no gluten allergy hurray!
Are you making time for the things you want to do?
What amazes me (cultivate awe)?
Dec 29
I look noticeably pregnant and I don’t appreciate it.

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