Nine. Seventy Nine.

1. When a new journal & favorite mug match. Colors scheming. Blushing wild.

2. The simple beauty of a smile.

3. Beautiful One. Captivating.

4. I want to know the angles. Straight Up.

5. The succulence of the ordinary.

6. I most miss the ache.

7. Feathers & whiskey.

8. Traced with a pen & a flower, then taken by him...

9. In your own way, you are exceptional.


Father’s Day

raindrop circles
Pinterest Image We used to watch the rain together.

Sweet readers, Father’s Day is a really hard time for me and I do not want my hurt to impact the thankfulness & beauty of honoring the important men in one’s life.

Dementia has stolen my father away. The level of cruelty and thief of dignity is an atrocity. No amount of tears will bring him back or help him to remember the name he chose for me. He is 61 and entirely too young for this tragedy. I miss him so very much. I can’t even…

But then I know and am certain, I am not the only one who feels this way. Relationships and families and life is hard and fabulous and painful and sensational. Father’s are all those things and more. I am trying to hold these feelings and thoughts and the humans involved in open palms with non-judgmental awareness and eyes full of compassion & tears. What else can we do? So it must be…

So, to you, I wish you a day full of smiles and perhaps tears of gratitude. Remembering and holding those who give or gave in a role with little fame. Today and many more.

And a special place to those who never got to be, by choice or chance, the father they wanted to be. May you know you are still a much needed & desired influence and have an honored place in society. Mentors, like best friends, are a precious commodity and genuinely priceless.

May you know, be & feel


Nine. Seventy Eight.

1. Shadows & the secrets they tell.

2. Deep Attention.

3.  How can I be my own hero? Beloved? Friend?

4. What does he see?

5.  Multi-meaning and so much depth.

6.  In the shifting a presence always penetrates. Escalates the necessity of my release. Blowing hot breath against the embers of my dying. My passions aflame and unable to be contained. This burn…

7.  Supine, your hands in mine.

8.  Raw & divine in this sensuality.

9. The intimacy of becoming. The color of my passion.


Nine. Seventy Seven.

quill and ink

  1. So Write
  2. Blooming in a garden of lush.
  3. What is my magic?
  4. I see his smile behind my close eyes.
  5. The sad of lost lines & thought.
  6. Wired for longing.
  7. Do you feel anything?
  8. Arms outstretched, waiting for instruction. An open gate…
  9. Shredding dreams & pity partying.

Nine. Seventy Six.

1. The Crown. Season 2 episode 4. Everything about it. I adore.

2. This is my softening.

3. The way words play within the space of a mouth.

4. Tasting S & W.

5. Intrusion. Intimacy.

6. His fingers.

7. I just can’t help myself.

8. We are chaos.

9. Prayers to the universe.

Nine. Seventy Five.

1. Her grip is my lifeline.

2. Her release is my power.

3. I am needing the assumption.

4. The way they make each other laugh. Hilarious.

5. He leaves me even when he doesn’t have to.

6. What if the first word you ever heard another say was your name?

7. The human body as a temple of sensuous spirit.

8. Who are you to know

into my deep whispers &

Low angles. Who are you?

9. Said on a sigh…

Nine. Seventy Four.

1. Seeking signs.

2. Air scented heavy with honeysuckle.

3. Muddy water & tears.

4. The moon is worth staring at. Gazing upon. Wondering with.

5. A hushed re-entry.

6. This empty ache is a presence.

7. I dreamed I died, being pulled down by rushing water. No fight or struggle, just under & done.

8. The lush art of lies.

9. Have you ever swiped right your thumb over the fullness of her bottom lip?

Nine. Seventy Three.

strawberries in a bowl
Unsplash photo by Anna Ogiienko

1. How I have missed being here.

2. The sound of rain as my gentle nudge awake. How I adore a day beginning just so.

3. What does he dream of?

4. Fallen

5. Like a French painting of a woman’s body. Such beauty, elegance & loveliness. What I wish to be…

6. Does he still?

7. Presence is where the payoff is. Be. Here. Now.

8. She calls me “baby” and I swallow a sob.

9. Chipmunks.

Nine. Seventy Two.


  1.  being pulled to hiatus
  2.  a need to pull inward, as all around is opening & blooming
  3.  missing the most secret & deepest part of me
  4. Somewhere between the minute particular & the essence lies the land of poetry.” –May Sarton
  5. “Absolute attention is prayer.” -Simone Weil
  6.  Back to the beginning, with hand on heart, so promising…
  7. my body whispering to me,  “come back and nourish me.”
  8.  this tender light, warming my opening into perfect soft sweetness
  9.  and I say to my heart: Rave On.

I am taking a break for a bit.  How long is yet to be seen, as I journey into the best and darkest part of me…

Oceanic Intimacy

B&W waterfall
Hengki Koentjoro


It embraces, cleanses, quenches, baptizes.

Allow tears. Let the water of your tears release you emotions and lift them from your body. Allow you pain and sadness to become a quenching taste upon your tongue. What does your sorrow taste like?

Stand in the shower and sway in the way the water caresses your skin, flows over every curve and angle of your body, as it penetrates the seam of your lips and eyelids.

Drink water. Feel it glide smooth down your throat and bringing your cells necessary and desired hydration.

Create an altar of water and leave out overnight to be infused with moonglow energy overnight. Drink from in the morning to begin your day within dreams and night energies.

Write words of affirmation upon bell jars and sip from throughout the day. Hydrating your cells and lubricating your mind with positive things.

Immerse yourself in water. Close your eyes and relax into the flow of the warmth around you and allow yourself to be held in its warm embrace.

Find the things which water your creative soul. Filling ones well and living from the overflow.

Deep Oceanic Beauty