Nine. 108.

1. Gray skies, warm cuddles & bread baking. Fall days.

2. As is.

3. Missed.

4. Stargazing.

5. Glittering infinity of wonder.

6. Been beginning.

7. Infused in magic.

8. Breathe in.

9. When the poet becomes the poem…

Nine. 107.

1. Living isn’t easy for you, is it?

2. Heart beats for beauty.

3. Kissing & crickets as the only sound.

4. Love me with your mouth wide open.

5. A vibrant confection.

6. In the silent shadows.

7. Heavy laden with longing.

8. Casting wishes like spells.

9. Tasty smiles.

Nine. 106.

1. Tis the season for falling…

2. Preparing a new bullet journal

3. All the straight lines & empty boxes.

4. A soul with range & depth.

5. Dangerous Beauty.

6. Missed. Always.

7. Fluent in the language of dreams & passion & poetry.

8. Back to being a yoga instructor

9. Because it feels good & moves me.

Nine. 105.

1. “Because I’ve loved you so long,” JayMay Rock Paper Scissors

2. A returning.

3. His gratitude for me is overwhelming & intoxicating.

4. Left hope behind along with a plush frog in another state

5. Feels freeing

6. And oh so empowering

7. I intend… I will…I do.

8. Who are you?

9. I like me better when I’m with you.

Nine. 104.

1. Katerina by James Frey.

2. Why quit me?

3. All the stories in my head

4. When you tell her the thing she needed to hear. That.

5. The way he said hello & looked into my eyes. That. Again. Please.

6. Yes, you have permission.

7. Peacock feather & a Blushing Amber candle. Inspirational delight.

8. His tired eyes.

9. Her clown-wide smile. Really?

Nine. 103.

1. Tightly wound.

2. Pure alchemy.

3. Come back to the whole.

4. Still holding an empty space.

5. Filled a journal with all the things,

6. Not seeing a new one as open with possibilities

7. So very tender.

8. Enchanting.

9. charity charity charity

Nine. 102.

1. “Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves.” -Humbert Wolfe

2. Let’s hand write letters of longing

3. To our intimate dreams, the most delicate of things

4. As the author of our lives.

5. The shadow side of human vitality.

6. What happens to needs unmet?

7. Open to the knowing.

8. Deepen within the dark hours, a time to ripen.

9. Shift