Past. Now.

1. She sends me this pic. My parents Summer of 1978. “Going through some pictures and ran across this one of your mom and dad. They were once young and very much in love.”

2. My brother gets choked up upon seeing this.

3. To know the…no words really

4. I miss them. Everyday.

5. The changes happening…

6. I still want.

7. New dreams and grief for the ones lost.

8. Assertive. Not aggressive. State the needs and wants, not anger and missteps

9. Little Mermaid. Classic favorite.


1. Ever in the wondering…ack. Always.

2. The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase by Mark Forsyth. Incredible.

3. She knits me things and misses me. Best friend certainly.

4. The difference between males and females. Chairs and planks. Let us embrace the magnificent differences and adore the similarities.

5. This hair as another entity. I have no idea what I am doing and a mother who is absent. Boo hiss.

6. Still & always wanting. Evermore. (quoth)

7. All the times he breaks in. So. Done.

8. The sunset and the embracing beauty it brings. We watch the same sky and dream under the same moon.

9. A slow and sweet, yet swift and complete seduction…(take me).

This Day. Hollow.

We are but living in a dream
Ever searching for longings unseen
Sit and be with me a while and watch the opening, Wildflower.

May we notice and adore the richness which surrounds and
never forget there is heaven all around.

Gulp clean, crisp air and be filled by the light-ness in everywhere
and open our eyes and hips to the wanderings of fingertips
and notice the magic.

We are cosmic. Beings. Softness and unfolding is our true calling.

Whisper softly my name and wish for me again and again…

As I do you, ever and always.


Autumnal Greetings

1. When the outlet becomes a drain.

2. “carried by the surprise of her own unfolding.” -John O’Donohue

3. Terrified to fall asleep. My dreams are nightmares and I wake up scared and hurting.

4. “I want to hold the hand inside you.” -Mazzy Star

5. This deepening is murky.

6. “Love is the bridge between you & everything.” -Rumi

7. I want the silhouette of trees in twilight, brisk air, walking, writing, and mascara.

8. When another shares their tension and I am relieved.

9. “We are seen and we are loved. This is our truest story.” -Emily P. Freeman


1. The beauty unfolding and the embracing. An amazing awe.

2. Open-heart wildness. Let us be free.

3. Feeling the hurt of my father not given the chance to grow older with dignity and humor.

4. Opening and softening. Palms up and pinking.

5. The simple joy of well made coffee and lip balm upon lips. Yes.

6. In my dreams, as the king.

7. I am unfamiliar with this thing.

8. Clearing space for the next thing.

9. May we know we are as vast as the sky. Able to contain multitudes and ever unfurling.

An Approaching Season

1. The scent of coffee on my fingertips and lingering in the air.

2. Dew soaked grass blades and the cool kiss of dawning.

3. Needing to learn how to bask in my own sunshine.

4. The way her hair smells like open skies and fuzzy knits.

5. I wonder if I will ever feel openly held and gracefully seen.

6. Beloved.

7. Belonging.

8. A bully can be the one who helps you fnd your strength.

9. Stand up.


Here is this tilt

I am in the midst of

A fierce stretching,

a leaning to exhale into

an opening

sharp patience, fierce grace and quiet space are the ways I am honoring this now

I am afraid, hope-filled and ready,

Awe-struck, wanting and aching.

What is your feeling?

Photo background by Anton Darius

She writes

words filled with sensation

joy as the awakening

transitioning and aching

in this new becoming

ever left wondering

script on her palm with an index finger

wishes and dreams and intentions

destined for goodness

To The She…

who is wildly unfolding

in her unbecoming

her unknowing.

To the she who is aching strong

and silently frustrating quietly

and needing true intimacy wildly,

who wonders and wanders

and is tired in the trekking

and still finds a way to keep going and finding hope in feathers and glitter.

Who aches in anticipation to be used and enjoyed

and finds herself feeling she is treated like less than and a disappointing toy,

only to be managed and controlled and put on a shelf.

To the woman in her aching

her shfting, her cycling

her space taking.

To the one needing to be




May you find her today, every time you look into your own eyes.

In-source your pleasure, you breathtaking, radiant, beautiful treasure and know the gaze you hold is the first act of accepting the sacred desire you are.

May we fall in love with ourselves, hold our own gaze and stand softened in our wild essence.

As we are




Joy On.

Happy birthday to me!

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