Nine. 119.

1. Nails painted the color of mermaids tails.

2. Love. Innate & Inherent

3. Hand written.

4. The feeling of gray.

5. So much noise.

6. Open.

7. Editing, curating, branding.

8. Draining.

9. Wild thing.

Nine. 118.

1. Hazy twilight dreams.

2. Candlelight and the flicker of beauty.

3. Who do you see?

4. It has awakened me.

5. The dusky & dappled side of life.

6. Unfolding. Undoing.

7. “There can be meaning without having things make sense.” -Ann Lamott

8. Weaving a wholeness from all the new beginnings.

9. Beauty is meaning.

Nine. 117.

1. I love the part of Christmas with all the twinkling lights

2. And being by a lit (artificial) tree.

3. What do you remember?

4. The young gentlemen did the decorating & I am more than impressed.

5. She breaks me

6. “Simply put. I cannot get enough.”

7. The reason.

8. Stars in eyes & dirt between toes,

9. Grounded & Lifted.

Nine. 116.

1. Full moon guidance in utter silence.

2. Deep fear spasms among back muscles.

3. Removing things.

4. The Art of Awake and the light it brings. And dark.

5. In forward fold and hair tips touch the floor.

6. A dream & so much want.

7. We see things differently. How can we relate?

8. Honoring the unfinished.

9. Mind your own bliss.

Nine. 115.

1. Watching Thanks for Sharing.

2. Back to the beginning

3. Again

4. And again

5. “Not perfect, but pretty fu*&% awesome”

6. “Its not fair, you know, I still hate everybody but you.”

7. Tender comrade.What will you do when the war is over? Dying among strangers.

8. What are you celebrating today?

9. Your hero. This fight.

Nine. 114.

1. Frost glistening on grass tips.

2. Morning air as mouthwash.

3. How can I better honor their Divinity?

4. New ideas arising from the dirt of hurt.

5. Stay steady with your wanting.

6. Missing.

7. Show your magic.

8. Live genuine

9. I believe in…

Nine. 113.

1. A fresh way of seeing

2. A changed way of appearing

3. A shifted way of being.

4. A dream of a razorback after my children

5. And not enough hands to hold them.

6. Protected within the deepest part of my heart.

7. The cleansing sound of rain falling.

8. “I am aware of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination.” -Keats

9. Cupped & held.

Nine. 112.

1. This state like boom.

2. Low or no filter

3. And he laughs to breathe.

4. And I want to leave.

5. Silence. Deafening.

6. Seeking.

7. Notice what you notice

8. What excites? Delights? Make one come undone?

9. Black.

Nine. 111.

1. The sound of snow falling. How can one not free an exhale?

2. The beauty. Intoxicating.

3. Opening.

4. With my bare eyes.

5. I am after clarity.

6. Be my person.

7. The intimacy & the being held.

8. How is want not simple?

9. Compassionate.

Nine. 110.

1. When your wandering & wonderings lead you there. That.

2. On knees with a needle in hand.

3. The sound of snow falling.

4. Feeling far away.

5. The three all around me.

6. Missed & wanted. Still.

7. Get it decided. Get it started. Change.

8. The agony & the ecstasy.

9. Dancing.